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Seamless Integration

Check Typo integrates seamlessly within your favorite websites, directly in forms, textareas, and input fields.


Multilingual Support

Check Typo is available in all languages, ensuring accurate spell-checking no matter what language you're writing in.


Style and Tone Preservation

Check Typo adapts to and preserves the original text's style and tone, ensuring your writing remains authentic.

Your ultimate
spell-check assistant

Enhancing your writing experience with AI-driven precision.

Perfect for students, professionals, and writers.

📧 Enjoy Error-free Emails

Improve your email communication on Gmail with Check Typo. Whether you're sending important business emails or personal messages, ensure your writing is clear, professional, and error-free with seamless integration directly in your Gmail compose window.

💼 Professional Networking

Stand out on LinkedIn with impeccable profiles and posts. Check Typo helps you write without worrying about errors, ensuring you always make a great impression. Build your network with confidence knowing your communication is polished and professional.

👥 Social Media Posts

Enhance your social media presence with Check Typo. Whether you're posting on Facebook, Instagram, or X (formerly Twitter), ensure your posts are free from typos and grammatical errors. Maintain your style and tone effortlessly across all platforms.

Frequently Asked

Do you modify
the extension?

We push updates on a regular basis, and the AI-model is always improving.

Can someone guide me
with installation?

Click “Add” button for extension store. Click on “Add to Browser” within store

Which AI model
does extension use?

Extension uses GPT-4o, which is the latest version of Open AI's model.

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